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Our Character Reviews include in depth, detailed information of the best comics available from them. Pivotal issues, highlights, and which are the best collections where you’ll find that material available without breaking your fingertips looking for backissues! Keep up the good reading!

Thor by Jason Aaron Reading Order

Thor by Jason Aaron Reading Order – Road to War of the Realms

I will start this review saying that, much to my own surprise, the Thor by Jason Aaron run is one the sagas I enjoyed the most during the last years of comics. But also, finding Jason Aaron’s run on Thor is quite confusing for someone who wasn´t following the title (as I was) due to […]

Winter Soldier: Second Chances (2019)

The Winter Soldier: Second Chances paperback collects Winter Soldier (2019) 1 to 5, it’s written by Kyle Higgins and with nice art by Rod Reis. I started reading this series and I really didn’t give much about the first two issues. Bucky (sorry, Winter Soldier…) turned into some kind of repo man that get’s informants […]

Image of Daredevil in the fire from Born Again

The Best Daredevil Comics & sagas that you MUST read!

Daredevil is, without a doubt, one of best heroes in comics. So it’s natural that any reader wants to know which are the best Daredevil comics to read to fully understand Daredevil’s story. I believe that Daredevil was one the characters that got some of the best talents in comics, at the best time of […]