About Us

Comic Reviews for Realistic Comics Readers

As long time comicbooks readers and collectors, we know there are three basic questions we should make ourselves at the time of purchasing our comics, and we want comics reviews that help us answer them too:

  • Is this book worth my time?: there are hundreds, thousands of new material being published every month. We would need many parallel lives to read all the things that are being published, and countless more if we also desire to read some of the things that were published in the last 50+ years, since Marvel launch and the Silver Age of Comics. There’s no way we can read all. So when we set some time aside to read our comics, it better be good. Not necessarily Shakespeare material, you understand me, we don’t expect that from most comics, but we want it to entertain us, to respect us as readers. We ate too much shit to know the feeling it leaves us, and we want to avoid you the bad taste in the mouth.

  • Is it worth my money?: c’mon, comics are cheap entertainment, aren’t they? Not any longer. At 4 bucks an issue, stories that extend for at least 6 issues, crossovers, special issues, beautiful hardcovers & special editions, spinoff series or characters, etc., reading comics hasn’t been cheap for some time. And if you’re like us, and love to read stories and follow many characters, sometimes even authors or artists, is easy to spend more than 100 bucks per month. It’s better to spend your budget in material you’ll enjoy, and we’re here to help you with that.

  • Is it worth the space it will take to store it?: Do you collect comics? If you do, you know the space it takes to store them (and the weight! If you even had to move houses with a comics collection, you know what I mean…). If you don’t have the storage space of Amazon, as your comics collection gets bigger, you take a second look at every new thing you’re putting in your racks. We want that every piece of paper you put in your collection is worth the tree it took to print it!

As you might notice form my words above, we consider comic books as art, but mostly as a vehicle for amusement and entertainment. We don’t expect life changing revelations from our comicbooks, just to have quality entertainment time from them. That’s the way we’ll measure them. We’ll take them seriously, but not parsimoniously. Partially taking the words some guy said on TV sometime ago: we’ll be reviewing comics, not choosing Miss Universe!

On our character and sagas reviews, we’ll be usually recommending Trades and Hardcovers: there are many beautiful editions, and also, it’s the most efficient use of money and space (usually cost less than the individual issues and due to lack of ads, they really occupy less space!) 

Let’s enjoy our passion! Let’s enjoy comics!