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Our Character Reviews include in depth, detailed information of the best comics available from them. Pivotal issues, highlights, and which are the best collections where you’ll find that material available without breaking your fingertips looking for backissues! Keep up the good reading!

best Vertigo comics series

Best 15 Vertigo comics series that you MUST read!

This time, we decided to make a service to all comic book lovers by reviewing the best Vertigo comics series that you must read. And we say this because if you haven’t read them yet, you’re lucky. Because you have some of the best comic material out there ahead of you. Just at the tip […]

Best Hulk Runs in comics Return of the Monster Bruce Johns & John Romita Jr

The best Hulk comics stories that you MUST read!

I must start this article by saying that the Hulk was never one of my favorite comics characters. I was always a more black & white guy, I wanted my heroes to be heroes, and my villains to be villains. But the Hulk is somewhere in the middle: you cannot say he’s a hero in […]

How many green lanterns from earth are there

How many Green Lanterns from Earth are around there?

If you have been reading the DC Universe for some time, you must know the Green Lanterns. They are some kind of galactic cop organization, appointed to bring order to each sector of the Universe. Big as it is, the universe has been divided into 3600 sectors, each of them with two Green Lanterns assigned […]

Batman defeated hulk cover image

Did Batman Ever Beat The Hulk?

If you read comics for some time you know Batman and you know the Hulk for sure. But… did they ever fight each other? And did Batman, a simple human in thighs, ever beat the Hulk? If so, when and where?? And how??? The answer may be surprising to you: yes, Batman DID beat the […]

Moon Knight by Deodato

Who is the Moon Knight and which are his best comics?

Who is the Moon Knight? Since Kevin Feige announced last year that Disney+ is going to produce a series about this rather obscure Marvel character, many people has made themselves the same question. Who is it? In my personal experience, it´s one of the Marvel characters personally have been fond of. I know, it’s not […]

best eternals comics

Who are the Eternals and which are their best comics?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has definitely changed the way we see superhero movies and the way we consume them due to the fact that we kind of expect these films to now be a part of a shared universe. This has allowed Marvel Studios the possibility of presenting characters to the world that perhaps would […]

Best Wonder Woman stories

Best Wonder Woman comics stories you MUST read!

Wonder Woman is an icon and symbol of Western culture and I would even go as far as stating that after Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, she is the most popular superhero of all time. And she is the most popular female superhero by a large margin. Everybody knows who Wonder Woman is and they are […]

dc comics crisis events

DC Comics Crisis Events: which are the best?

The Crisis at DC Comics are events that usually gather the vast majority of characters from their universe to face a certain threat and these stories end up with radical changes in the DC landscape, sometimes even leading to reboots of the whole universe and providing new readers with a lot of starting points to […]

best spider-man comics

Best Spider-Man Comics that you MUST Read

Spider-Man is one of those fiction characters that transcended through the medium.  Now he is a worldwide brand that everybody is familiar with. Everybody knows who Spider-Man is and he has a connection with the audience that very characters can brag about. But of course, there is a question that needs to be asked: Where […]

Detective Comics Mythology Cover

Our Review on Detective Comics: Mythology

We covered the best Batman stories in one extense article (“Our 27 best comic stories to start reading Batman”), but from time to time some new stories are worth to highlight. That’s why this time we review the Batman story from Detective Comics 994-999: Mythology, by Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke. When I read the […]