Batman defeated hulk cover image

Did Batman Ever Beat The Hulk?

If you read comics for some time you know Batman and you know the Hulk for sure. But… did they ever fight each other? And did Batman, a simple human in thighs, ever beat the Hulk? If so, when and where?? And how??? The answer may be surprising to you: yes, Batman DID beat the […]

best eternals comics

Who are the Eternals and which are their best comics?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has definitely changed the way we see superhero movies and the way we consume them due to the fact that we kind of expect these films to now be a part of a shared universe. This has allowed Marvel Studios the possibility of presenting characters to the world that perhaps would […]

Digital Comics or Printed Comics: Which ones are the best?

Digital comics or printed comics? This question comes up a lot when the comics’ lovers gather together: which is the best way to read your books? Both ways to read comics have their pros and cons, so in this post we’ll try to answer this question for you, or at least to give you material […]