I really didn’t want to do this…

Why did they do it
bad comics

I really didn’t want to do this. Seriously. I resisted. I thought about this many times, always saying: “No, this is not what you want to do…”. But you’re making me do it.

Even look at the name of the page! Good Comics To Read. That’s what I wanted to do! Review the best comics I read in order to help people save their time, money and storage space buying good material. I wanted to write ONLY about good material! As a matter of fact, I even wrote that down in our “About Us” page. BUUUUUUUT…

But I’m only human, guys. Me (and some other writers) can only read a limited amount of material. We’re human beings, bounded by time and space. And what happens when most of the material you reads smells like dead fish left for two months in a barrel right under the sun? You know what happens?? You can’t write anything!!! That’s what happens.

And what happens when big companies put out material by well known authors (authors I even love!) at very expensive prices, that would make any seasoned comic fan vomit their guts out? Is it OK for us NOT to tell it because I want to talk ONLY about good comics?

Then I came to this thought: my site vision was to help you, the readers, save your time, money and storage space by reading good comics. If I tell you about the good comics only, the positive side is that I would be helping you read material you really should read. But if we don’t tell you what to avoid spending your money in, would I be making a disservice to you, my readers?

The fact that we haven´t spoken here about almost any Alan Moore’s comics, Sandman, any Vertigo’s titles, Saga, etc, etc., doesn’t mean that those are titles you should avoid in your collections. It means only that we’re human beings and can’t write that much, so still haven’t had time to build a good article on them. But if you want to spend well your piggy bank money, be my guest and buy the whole Sandman collection, or many, many more titles.

But if I really, really want to be true to my recurring motto (save your time, money and space…), I need to do something NOW to avoid you being misled into buying crap. Simple. Tell you what’s crap BEFORE you spend your well earned bucks on it. That’s helping my readers.

So here I am. Thinking for the first time about how will I call the section about crappy comics. My initial idea is “Why Did They Do It?” or “WDTDI?”, just to use some acronym.

I even have the first story to start writing about. The one that pushed me to the abyss. A 3 issue prestiges series that makes for quite expensive toilette paper…

Watch out, guys. You made me do it.  It will hurt me more than it will hurt you. But justice must be made, and crap must be exposed for what it is: crap!

See you soon with our first “WDTDI?” (Or Why Did They Do It?)

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