Best Mark Millar comics: 15 stories you can’t miss!

There are very few writers in the comic book industry with the level of impact and commercial success that Scottish writer Mark Millar has enjoyed in the last twenty years or so. Not only he wrote some of the most fascinating works in the Big Two during the last two decades, but he has also […]

superman year one

Superman Year One

I must start by saying that I do love Frank Miller’s work. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, check this article I wrote some months ago. He produced some of the best and most influential comics I ever read. But when I read Superman: Year One, only one thought crossed my mind: why did they […]

best superman comics to read

Best Superman Comics to Read: Our Top 15 list

Making a list of the 15 best Superman comics to read is difficult when you talk about a character with such a long history as Superman has. Superman is the beginning of the superhero genre in comics and he is the character that embodies all the great traits that have defined superheroes throughout the years. […]