Daredevil by Mark Waid

Why Daredevil is The Best Superhero from Comics

Discussing who the best superhero is may be a polemic issue for many fans. For me, there’s almost no discussion: Daredevil is the best superhero from comics. Period. This affirmation may be backed up with many reasons, so along this article I will try to make you come to my side, and if you’re not […]

next spider-man mcu movie

12 stories from comics we’d like to see in the next Spider-Man MCU movies!

Hot after the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s people at the MCU that must be thinking right now (heck, they must have it already decided…) which will be their next Spider-Man movie blockbuster. Spider-Man has years and years of stories to take inspiration from to come out with a new movie. As a […]

Nightwing best comics series from 2021

Is Nightwing one of the best comics published in 2021?

Without a doubt, Nightwing’s run by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo is one of the best comic titles published in 2021, and Nightwing himself will be fighting to be one of the best characters of the year. Tom Taylor is doing a magnificent job portraying Nightwing as the human being he grew up to be, […]

best comics to read during the corona quarantine

Best comics to read during the Covid19 quarantine

OK, let’s face it: we’re going to be at home during the next days. How many? Who knows? It’s a shitty situation. But as comic lovers, we know that a quarantine may be a great opportunity to connect to all those series that we always wanted to read, but we couldn’t due to lack of […]

superman year one

Superman Year One

I must start by saying that I do love Frank Miller’s work. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, check this article I wrote some months ago. He produced some of the best and most influential comics I ever read. But when I read Superman: Year One, only one thought crossed my mind: why did they […]

Why did they do it

I really didn’t want to do this…

I really didn’t want to do this. Seriously. I resisted. I thought about this many times, always saying: “No, this is not what you want to do…”. But you’re making me do it. Even look at the name of the page! Good Comics To Read. That’s what I wanted to do! Review the best comics […]

Digital Comics or Printed Comics: Which ones are the best?

Digital comics or printed comics? This question comes up a lot when the comics’ lovers gather together: which is the best way to read your books? Both ways to read comics have their pros and cons, so in this post we’ll try to answer this question for you, or at least to give you material […]

Single issues or trade paperbacs

Single issues or Trade Paperbacks?

Between comic readers and collectors, there’s a line in the sand that divide two groups of fans: Single issues or Trade Paperbacks? . Which type of comic books are the best? There are reasons to support one side and the other, and usually the supporters from one side “despise” the others. Let’s check the reasons […]

marvel comics characters

Marvel Comics Brief History

  Marvel Comics is the #1 comics publisher from America. It was founded in 1939 as Timely Comics by Martin Goodman. Their first book was Marvel Comics #1, published in October 1939. This comic featured the first appearences of the Human Torch and Namor the Submariner, among others. Don’t even think about buying it, last […]