Batman most dangerous villains

The Most Dangerous Batman Villains From Comics

The Batman is one of the most popular characters in the history of comics and Western culture as a whole. Whether you have met the Dark Knight through the movies, comics, animated series or videogames, the story of Bruce Wayne and his crusade in Gotham City is something that everybody knows and has millions of […]

Batman defeated hulk cover image

Did Batman Ever Beat The Hulk?

If you read comics for some time you know Batman and you know the Hulk for sure. But… did they ever fight each other? And did Batman, a simple human in thighs, ever beat the Hulk? If so, when and where?? And how??? The answer may be surprising to you: yes, Batman DID beat the […]

comics to read for free on kindle unlimited

The best digital comics you may read for free with your Kindle

I recently suscribed to Kindle Unlimited, and boy, I was in for a surprise! I noticed there are many great comics to read for free, and many of them are best of the best classics. Ok, we might discuss that since you have to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, it’s not completely free. But if you […]

Detective Comics Mythology Cover

Our Review on Detective Comics: Mythology

We covered the best Batman stories in one extense article (“Our 27 best comic stories to start reading Batman”), but from time to time some new stories are worth to highlight. That’s why this time we review the Batman story from Detective Comics 994-999: Mythology, by Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke. When I read the […]

Best Batman Stories in Comics

Our 27 best comics stories to start reading Batman

When you want to start reading comics from Batman, there’s so much material that you might not know which are the best, nor where to start with. Maybe due to the fact that it’s one of the most human superheroes around, maybe because of it’s great gallery of villains, or even to the more than […]